We are all pretty new to the Liturgy of the Hours, and have been doing them, as a regular exercise, for a couple of months only. Paul has been talking for some time to family and friends about how wonderful the Liturgy is, even for lay people like us, and finally he decided to dive in headfirst. We are all glad to find that it is not very hard to pray the Hours, with Paul’s help to figure out “the ropes” and share what he learns.

It is hard work for Paul (and, to some extent, his family and friends) to do two podcasts a day, consistently. He just passed his 100th episode, having started in early December. That amounts to about 30 hours of music. Moving forward much of it will be reused, and some will have to be recorded afresh.

A surprising number of folks around the world have found us somehow and are praying with us. It’s surprising simply because we are not advertising, and relying on old fashioned word of mouth, a sort of unpredictable wind that, in concert with the Holy Spirit, blows wherever it might blow.

Our most personal information about who is praying with us comes from occasional emails to singthehours@gmail.com. We treasure your encouragements.

(By the way, if you indicate you are willing for us to share your comments, we might quote you on this website. Just let us know how to refer to you, or if you wish to be anonymous.)

It is in the nature of podcasts to offer information about who is listening, and where, and how often. The number-crunching machines give us more information than we can assimilate. The bottom line seems to be that the podcasts (over all three channels) have been used a bit over 10,000 times.

Here’s a chart from Spotify whose shape seems to reflect our hectic adventure:

Some data from YouTube shows we have suddenly acquired some good friends in Lithuania.

Please pray for this work. We are praying for you also.

— John Rose (Paul’s dad)