Hello friends. This is Paul’s dad John. Sometimes I get to see parts of his workflow as he puts together Lauds and Vespers. As you might imagine, it’s pretty complicated.

Today he spent over 12 hours recording much of the Vespers music for next week. Sometimes recordings are done hand-to-mouth, but getting more done ahead of time allows a more restful Easter. How we are going to sustain this in the long haul is an interesting question.

So, here is a screen shot of the work on Vespers for the coming Easter Octave:

Detail of Bright Week Vespers

The Vespers for Easter Sunday and the rest of the Octave (also known as Bright Week) are very similar to each other. Because of this, we are using a master template for them, and then filling it in with the proper responsories and other elements for each day. So the picture is showing all eight days of Vesper recordings.

The top row holds the fixed common elements, which are marked blue. The yellow is the stuff that is unique: readings, Magnificat antiphons, and intercessions, specifically. Each subsequent row is one day of varying music (in yellow). The pink marks where backing vocals will go; they are not yet recorded.

The picture above is an excerpt. Here is the whole template, zoomed out:

Bright Week Vespers

For the record, we are using Logic to put together the audio (in many tracks), Premiere for video editing, and Castos for podcast management.