Yesterday, April 11, marks the completion of three months of posting the Liturgy of the Hours every single day.

Although this project started last December, regular postings began January 11. The YouTube video for 1/11 had 48 views. For comparison, yesterday’s video (for 4/11) has 365 views.

Overall, we have posted a total of 200 episodes on Apple and Spotify.

Today we posted our first Compline (Night Prayer, for around 9:00 pm); that’s posting number 201.

Since inception, we have had about 30,000 total views on YouTube.

As of this week we now have about 2,000 listeners on audio and video channels combined.

For example, last Thursday (4/08) there were about 1,800 listeners on audio (Apple and Spotify) plus about 500 viewings on YouTube.

We have had 50 reviews on Apple Podcasts, all of them granting the show five stars. (Thanks!)

Our Patreon account is starting to grow, and is currently at $141, thanks to contributions from our early sponsors. Moving forward, our current pledge level is $209 per month!

The web applications don’t keep count of prayers and divine interventions, but we know those are happening too, and they count even more than the numbers above. Keep up those prayers, please!

Thank you, listeners, for your support and participation. As the Spirit leads, please join us in asking God to glorify Himself through this project.