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This has been so helpful and I enjoy all the variations of singing the psalms. I especially like the way you add other voices to the canticle of Daniel 3:57-88, 56 which I previously struggled with staying focused on.

I hope you are well. I haven’t been able to find new additions since last week. You’re in my prayers.💕🙏🏻🕊

Thanks for this sublime grassroots outreach. For some time I have taken to praying the LoH aloud and singing some of the texts in my private prayer, primarily the hymns and psalmody, and wondered if others did the same. There’s a qualitative difference between reading silently and hearing the texts recited or intoned. I look forward to listening each time you. The Gregorian melodies of the office hymns are haunting, and they draw me into a contemplative space that is wonderful!

Thank you so much for this beautiful and true praise of Christ the King. I am abundantly blessed that I have stumbled upon this page. I hope to come back here often and pray with this beautiful expression of the hours.

Thank you for your time and talents!

I had bought several breviaries in years past. I gave up with all its complications. Yet, God called me again.
Your voices radiate peace and happiness, but they also teach me the path to a greater union with Christ. I daily flip to rosaries and divine mercy chaplets on Youtube. I like to pray with someone. It was doing so that I found Sing-the-hours Lauds! There you were! I try to be faithful to Morning and Evening Prayer, and it has given me a flow of comfort and inspiration. Thank you.

Your beautiful Lauds goes with me as I walk in the park. It's so simple, and stark, and echoes as if it is sung in a beautiful old cathedral. I love the mix of English and Latin. It truly sanctifies my morning.

I’m a Lutheran in California, and I love this ministry! The liturgy preaches the gospel so clearly with foreshadowings of the Messiah in the Old Testament verses and the fulfillment in the New Testament verses. The liturgy is sung beautifully, and I love the Latin and English texts displayed simultaneously on the page. We use many of the same liturgical elements every Sunday in Church and it’s pretty neat to learn them in Latin, too. My wife was in the hospital recently and I would follow along and sing the hours at night after I put the kids to bed. It was a source of great comfort for me.

Praise Jesus for Sing the Hours! I have to read a lot for work and get migraines, so I prayed to ask Jesus if He could read me the Liturgy of the Hours Himself. Shortly after my prayers were answered and I discovered Sing the Hours! I believe our Lord answered my prayers through this channel and what a tremendous blessing that I can listen to them being sung! The Lord always exceeds expectations! I am often brought to tears of gratitude from the moving beauty of this work! It is a work of worship and I believe God’s mercy to those who want to participate but cannot always read for health reasons. Thank you

I first became aware of Sing the Hours at the end of June. I find the prayers mesmerizing, and I'm very attentive to the prayers. The translations of the readings and psalms flow easily from more than just the lips. This is the closest I have come to heartfelt prayer in quite some time. Where can I find a breviary that best reflects these expressions. I'm not into the Thees and Thous.

When I was in the plaza at Fatima in 2017, as the procession of the evening began, so many people gathered, some were on their knees doing the moving prayers. As the sky darkened softly in evening, the musicians played Ave Maria and a single voice intoned a most beautiful sound that drifted through my heart in a very deep and profound way. Such is the voice and sound of your prayers and readings. When I first heard the Sing the Hours, I am returned to that very special time in Fatima, the feeling that the Holy Spirit was swirling among the swirling crowd following together Maria and thankful to Jesus and God the Father.
I love starting my day at 5:30 am with your lovely tones and the deeply profound psalms and readings. My mind is clear for the day's tasks, and to work joyfully. And even after a busy, trying or physically demanding day I can look forward to the comfort of your very special vespers.

Amazing support to pray the liturgy of the hours ! Beautiful melodies and well chosen hymns !

I discovered your YouTube channel in early 2021 and have listened daily ever since. God has given you a tremendous gift. Thank you for sharing it us!

I came across your podcast a few weeks ago and loved it ! Today I discovered your youtube channel, which allows me to see the words printed in both Latin and English, which is even more helpful. I very much appreciate the Hours being sung. The voices/chanting are deeply inspirational!

Your podcast is such a gift to me. As a mother of small children praying the Liturgy of the Hours can feel impossible, but thanks to Sing the Hours it is now an accessible way for us to incorporate this prayer of the universal church into our home, our domestic church. Thank you so much!

Thank you for your wonderful and Spirit filled ministry. You have elevated the liturgy of the hours from a private recitation to a joyful celebration of the faithful. May God bless you and may the Holy Spirit who has begun this good work in you continue it to the glory of God. I pray for you daily that your zeal may continue despite all the human challenges that may try to subvert it.

I weep at the beauty of the Salve Regina. O clement, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria…I think your voice captures everything it means to want to praise her and call her closer to you. Thank You!

Sing the hours , lauds and vespers has brought me so much joy, I look forward to it everyday 💗 thank you

So grateful YT offered your channel in my feed; an example of how God's power holds sway over technology! Why? Because He knows my need before I do, and knows what I enjoy. What a glorious way to pray and enter into Sacred Scripture and Traditional prayers.

Thank you for sharing your gifts / creativity. So grateful.

I have been praying (recites) the Liturgy of the Hours since year 2000. I am very glad and thankful to discover singthehours in youtube. Everything was done for a grateful and prayerful experience. From the voice and music to texts and graphics. Thank you very much! May God bless your ministry !

The beauty of Sing the Hours deeply stirs my soul and draws me to consider daily the glory of my Savior and God. Very grateful to find Sing the Hours. It is a wonderful aid to prayer.

Sing the Hours has transformed my day, every day! Thank you for sharing your talent and helping sanctify each & every hour.

I started praying the Liturgy of the Hours at the end of May and have been going strong for about 3.5 months now. Every time I read through Psalm 136, my mind would say, "when is this repetitious psalm going to end?" After discovering Sing the Hours and listening to Psalm 136 chanted, it brought goose bumps to my arms and watery eyes of joy. You've opened the power of this Psalm to me! Thank you!

My children look forward to prayer time because of how beautiful you make it. They are even learning Latin. Thank you and God bless you for the good work.

I somehow stumbled across your youtube channel today. It is exactly what I need, because I find it difficult to pray alone, especially the Divine Office. In particular, I appreciate the Hours being sung. Will definitely be using this going forward to establish a solid habit of prayer. The voices/chanting are especially inspirational!

Thank you so much for using your voice to magnify God! This is so beautiful and holy. I will now start singing the Liturgy of the Hours to worship God.

Thank you!

The day I tuned onto the 3:00pm Holy Hour on The Station of the Cross radio, I became awed by the wonderful chanting voices! Hearing the words of God presented in this manner was extremely uplifting. Praise to Jesus for your gift to all listeners. I had to call my sister about this, but, of course she already heard and talked to you by phone! You can count on me to spread the word about your ministry. Have a blessed day!

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