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The beauty of Sing the Hours deeply stirs my soul and draws me to consider daily the glory of my Savior and God. Very grateful to find Sing the Hours. It is a wonderful aid to prayer.

Sing the Hours has transformed my day, every day! Thank you for sharing your talent and helping sanctify each & every hour.

I started praying the Liturgy of the Hours at the end of May and have been going strong for about 3.5 months now. Every time I read through Psalm 136, my mind would say, "when is this repetitious psalm going to end?" After discovering Sing the Hours and listening to Psalm 136 chanted, it brought goose bumps to my arms and watery eyes of joy. You've opened the power of this Psalm to me! Thank you!

My children look forward to prayer time because of how beautiful you make it. They are even learning Latin. Thank you and God bless you for the good work.

I somehow stumbled across your youtube channel today. It is exactly what I need, because I find it difficult to pray alone, especially the Divine Office. In particular, I appreciate the Hours being sung. Will definitely be using this going forward to establish a solid habit of prayer. The voices/chanting are especially inspirational!

Thank you so much for using your voice to magnify God! This is so beautiful and holy. I will now start singing the Liturgy of the Hours to worship God.

Thank you!

The day I tuned onto the 3:00pm Holy Hour on The Station of the Cross radio, I became awed by the wonderful chanting voices! Hearing the words of God presented in this manner was extremely uplifting. Praise to Jesus for your gift to all listeners. I had to call my sister about this, but, of course she already heard and talked to you by phone! You can count on me to spread the word about your ministry. Have a blessed day!

Thank you for uploading the daily lauds and vespers. I love them and find the peace and joy that they bring me. It is a great blessing to listen to it on YouTube especially given this time when we are in strict lockdowns and the churches are closed. It is lovely to unite our hearts in prayer while singing the psalms and also educating myself on the beautiful Catholic tradition. May the Holy Trinity continue to bless the work that you do and thank you immensely.

THANK YOU THANK YOU Praise God for your gifts and talents

A beautiful start to our day! Thank you!